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Magic Attic Club Holiday 1998 Catalog

Magic Attic Club dolls were produced by four different companies between 1994 and 2004. They were the first competitors to the American Girl dolls but never realized their full potential. For more information on Magic Attic, visit the Just Magic site.

Catalog Illustrations for Mam’selle Outfits for Sindy, Paul and Patch (1966)

Mam'selle Gear Get-Ups were a separate line from Pedigree's regular clothing for their Sindy, Paul and Patch fashion dolls. These six catalog pages from 1966 show illustrations of these hard to find outfits. Sindy OutfitsPaul OutfitsPatch Outfits

Mam’selle Doll Accessory Boxed Sets (1966)

The Pedigree Toy Box catalog for 1966 shows a page of boxed "jewellery and nic-nacs" sets (what in the US would be called accessories) for dolls. The jewelry includes a brooch which appears to be a deer, two pairs of earrings (one balls and one possibly cat heads), a...
Alexander 14" First Lady dolls, first series

14″ First Lady Dolls by Madame Alexander – First Series (1976-78)

There's also a video version of this post here. The Alexander Doll Company issued six series of 14” First Lady dolls beginning in 1976 and ending in 1990, depicting the wives of the US Presidents. The first series, available from 1976 through 1978, included Martha...
Diana doll by Mirren Barrie

Diana, a Lady of 1830 by Doll Artist Mirren Barrie

Diana, a lady of 1830, by Mirren Barrie is 12” tall and all cloth with a hardened face and hand painted features. Her wire armature enables her to stand unaided. She has embroidery floss hair and a detailed, early Victorian costume accessorized with hat, purse,...
Pedigree Highland Lassie doll

Highland Lassie, a Pedigree Authentic Tartan Dressed Doll

Highland Lassie is an Authentic Tartan Dressed Doll made by Pedigree. She is 13 3/4" tall (35 cm) and has a soft vinyl head and arms, and rigid vinyl torso and legs. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She has short blonde rooted hair, blue sleep eyes with...
Effanbee composition dolls

Composition in Competition: UFDC Region 14 Conference, 2008

In May of 2008 I attended the United Federation of Doll Club's Region 14 Conference hosted by the Shaker Doll Club in Albany, NY. One of the best things about being a member of UFDC is the opportunity to attend these regional events, where you get together with other...
Carol Sue doll by Admiration

Carol-Sue by Admiration

Admiration Doll Company produced this inexpensive 8" toddler doll in the 1950s, capitalizing on the popularity of Vogue's Ginny doll. Carol-Sue is all hard plastic with sleep eyes, a mohair or synthetic mohair wig and bare feet painted to look like shoes. She is...
Linda Lee doll trunk

Rare Linda Lee Wooden Doll Trunk (1950)

In 1950, the Terri Lee Doll Company added a new member to their lineup of dolls. This was Terri's baby sister, Linda Lee, a 10" all vinyl baby with a slimmer, more realistic infant body, and an adorable face. Linda had her own outfits and accessories, including this...
Kellogg's Grown Up Doll

The Grown Up Doll – Kellogg’s Premium Doll from 1958

Recently I got lot of vintage Kellogg's premium dolls on Craigslist. A premium doll is a type of advertising doll that doesn't actually have anything to do with the product, but is offered to tempt you to buy the product so you can get the premium. The Grown Up Doll...

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African American Peaches 'n Cream Barbie NRFB

The African American version of Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie is hard to find. This doll is absolutely gorgeous and she is in mint condition, never removed from the original box, which is dated 1984. The box has some wear and is a bit squashed. The plastic window is yellowed. A good excuse to take her out and enjoy her!

$75 – Free Shipping in US

Tropical Barbie, Ken and Miko NRFB

Tropical Barbie, Ken and Miko are still sealed in their original boxes, dated 1985. The girls have very long hair, and Barbie’s is two-toned. They each have a flower wrap in their hair that can be worn different ways. Miko has a gorgeous face. Ken has molded blonde hair and a lei. All three have a tan skin tone and wear their tropical swimsuits.

$75 – Free Shipping in US

Rock 'n Curl Jem Doll by Hasbro NRFB

Rock ‘n Curl Jem doll by Hasbro has never been removed from her original box, dated 1986. She has the smiling face and a pink streak in her hair. The box is a bit squashed but the contents are mint. A cool piece of ’80s fashion doll fun!

$79 – Free Shipping in US

Gorton's Fisherman Advertising Character Doll

The Gorton’s Fisherman is 7.5″ tall and made of vinyl. He has a great character face with beautifully molded hair and beard. His black pipe is permanently affixed to his mouth. He wears a yellow rain slicker, matching pants and hat, and white plastic boots.

$18 – Free Shipping in US

3 Hallmark Barbie Ornaments

Lot of three Barbie ornaments by Hallmark. The Ponytail Barbie is dated 1994, Solo in the Spotlight Barbie is dated 1995, and Enchanted Evening Barbie is dated 1996. They are all in mint condition in the original boxes. The boxes may have some light wear. Great to put on your Christmas tree or display any time of the year!

$25 – Free Shipping in US

8 Packages of Premier Jewelry for 15 to 20 Inch Dolls

Lot of eight vintage packages of Premier jewelry for 15 to 20 inch dolls. Five of the packages are the same set, a necklace and earrings made of seed “pearls” alternating with gold colored beads. There are three other sets which are different. These were likely made for the Revlon type dolls of the late 1950s.

$18 – Free Shipping in US

Reproduction Bru Jne Doll Kit by Dollspart

This kit to make a reproduction Bru Jne doll was sold by Dollspart as part of their Classic Doll Kit Collection. There is no date on anything, but I’m guessing it is from the early 1980s as it was made in Taiwan. The shoulder head is very nicely painted. The arms and legs are porcelain as well. The kit also includes the cloth body, and patterns to make her outfit.


Miniature Minerva Celluloid Doll by Buschow & Beck

This little girl is just 3 1/2″ tall and is made of celluloid, jointed at the shoulders and hips. She has a mohair wig and molded shoes and socks. Her dress is not removable, but I can just make out the top of the Minerva logo on her back. Minerva was a trademark used by Buschow & Beck, a German manufacturer, in the first half of the 20th century.

$16 – Free Shipping in US

16" Mexican Lady Doll with Baby

Wonderful vintage lady doll from Mexico is 16″ tall and is all cloth, with inset, painted eyes and an open mouth. Her hair is yarn. Her clothing is beautifully made, with a smocked top, striped skirt and woven shawl. She carries her baby who’s body is a piece of fabric tied around some newspaper.