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Diana doll by Mirren Barrie

Diana, a Lady of 1830 by Doll Artist Mirren Barrie

Diana, a lady of 1830, by Mirren Barrie is 12” tall and all cloth with a hardened face and hand painted features. Her wire armature enables her to stand unaided. She has embroidery floss hair and a detailed, early Victorian costume accessorized with hat, purse,...
Pedigree Highland Lassie doll

Highland Lassie, a Pedigree Authentic Tartan Dressed Doll

Highland Lassie is an Authentic Tartan Dressed Doll made by Pedigree. She is 13 3/4" tall (35 cm) and has a soft vinyl head and arms, and rigid vinyl torso and legs. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She has short blonde rooted hair, blue sleep eyes with...
Effanbee composition dolls

Composition in Competition: UFDC Region 14 Conference, 2008

In May of 2008 I attended the United Federation of Doll Club's Region 14 Conference hosted by the Shaker Doll Club in Albany, NY. One of the best things about being a member of UFDC is the opportunity to attend these regional events, where you get together with other...
Carol Sue doll by Admiration

Carol-Sue by Admiration

Admiration Doll Company produced this inexpensive 8" toddler doll in the 1950s, capitalizing on the popularity of Vogue's Ginny doll. Carol-Sue is all hard plastic with sleep eyes, a mohair or synthetic mohair wig and bare feet painted to look like shoes. She is...
Linda Lee doll trunk

Rare Linda Lee Wooden Doll Trunk (1950)

In 1950, the Terri Lee Doll Company added a new member to their lineup of dolls. This was Terri's baby sister, Linda Lee, a 10" all vinyl baby with a slimmer, more realistic infant body, and an adorable face. Linda had her own outfits and accessories, including this...
Kellogg's Grown Up Doll

The Grown Up Doll – Kellogg’s Premium Doll from 1958

Recently I got lot of vintage Kellogg's premium dolls on Craigslist. A premium doll is a type of advertising doll that doesn't actually have anything to do with the product, but is offered to tempt you to buy the product so you can get the premium. The Grown Up Doll...

1924 Cincinnati Doll Co. Catalog – Composition Carnival Kewpie Dolls

I scanned this rare copy of the Cincinnati Doll Co. catalog from 1924. They offered several different models of the composition dolls which are often called "carnival Kewpies" by collectors. These are not real Kewpie dolls, and were also sold in stores as well as...
William Steig's Poor Pitiful Pearl

Poor Pitiful Pearl & Her Creator, William Steig

This article was published in the December 25, 1956 issue of Look magazine, and shows the brand new (at that time) Poor Pitiful Pearl doll by Brookglad, in her original outfit and the extra dress that she came with. Her creator, William Steig, was very well known at...
Eegee Bride Doll

28″ Bride Doll by Eegee (1950s)

Body Construction This 28" doll has a hard plastic torso and legs with soft vinyl head and arms. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. She has an unusual construction in that her face and legs, with high heel feet, are obviously adult, while...
Doreena Ballerina

Doreena Ballerina Doll by Valentine (1957)

Doreena Ballerina was advertised by Valentine in 1957. She has a vinyl head with sleep eyes and rooted hair; vinyl arms; hard plastic torso; and hard plastic legs with jointed knees and ankles, so she can wear flats, high heels or ballet slippers. She was available in...

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Spanish Dancing Couple - Klumpe or Roldan Type Character Dolls

This awesome couple is dancing the night away! They are made in Spain and might be by Klumpe, Roldan or another company. They are beautifully made with molded, hand painted faces and lots of detail to dolls and their clothing. They measure just 7.5″ tall and are sewn together.

$55 – Free Shipping in US

Mascotte Type Italian Felt Dolls in Alpine or Tyrolean Costume

Wonderful pair of Italian cloth dolls with molded, hand painted faces similar to Lenci Mascotte dolls. The only marking on them is a satin label stamped Made in Italy. They measure 8″ to 8.5″ tall and are in good vintage condition with no moth holes and no odors.

$38 – Free Shipping in US

Hertwig China, Beautifully Dressed

This lovely example of a low brow china head doll has a high hairstyle and very rosy cheeks. She was made by Hertwig and dates to the 1890s. She measures 18″ tall and wears a fabulous antique two piece dress of purple and blue silk.


Sunrise, Sunset by Norma Mellen

A pair of one of a kind cloth dolls made in 1981 by New Hampshire doll artist Norma Mellen, who was a member of the National Institute of American Doll Artists. The little girl is Sunrise, 10 ¾” tall (27.3 cm). Her grandfather, called Sunset, sits in a chair to play his fiddle while she dances.

$375 – Free Shipping in US

Lonely Lisa by Royal

20” Lonely Lisa was made by Royal in the mid 1960s. She has a vinyl head and limbs with a cloth body, wired for posability. She has rooted blonde hair and huge brown eyes, and wears her original peach cotton dress with appliquéd flower.


2" Doll in Trunk Set

Wonderful trunk set by miniature artist Tina Richardson. The doll is just 2 inches tall, and has a head full of long curls, and carries her own doll who is ¾ of an inch tall. She comes in her trunk with a stand, extra dress and accessories.

$85 – Free shipping in US

Wooden Raggedy Ann & Andy

This Raggedy Ann and Andy pair of dolls have turned wooden bodies with wooden ball heads and disc bases. They are charmingly hand painted. Andy is 6 5/8” tall (16.8 cm) with his hat.

$29 – Free shipping in US

Vintage Plush Leopard Made in Japan

Vintage plush leopard has green eyes and very short nylon whiskers. His tiny cloth tag is stamped MADE IN JAPAN. He measures about 8.5” long. Excellent condition, very clean and shiny.

$18 – Free shipping in US

Miniature Man Doll with Metal Head

This tiny guy measures just 2 ¼” tall (5.7 cm) and has a molded metal head, hands and feet on a wire body. The top hat, which is part of his head, makes him look like a chimney sweep or other Victorian character.

$25 – Free shipping in US

Large Antique Mohair Teddy Bear

This fantastic bear measures about 24” tall (61 cm) and about 17” seated (43.2 cm). He is fully jointed and has a slight hump. He has glass eyes, a stitched nose and mouth, and felt paw pads with excelsior stuffing. Great personality!


Betsy Ross Handmade Cloth Doll

This all cloth doll represents Betsy Ross, the maker of the first American flag. She is 20” tall, with embroidered facial features and brown yarn hair. She is marked on her back “American Pride Collection 1975 by Carol” and has a hang tag as well.


Hard Plastic Pearly Queen Doll

This hard plastic doll measures 8” (20.3 cm) to the top of her hat, and is jointed at her neck and shoulders, with light blue sleep eyes and blonde hair. Her felt dress and hat are decorated with buttons and sequins.

$15 – Free shipping in US

Little Traveler by Kathy Redmond

Little Traveler by doll artist Kathy Redmond was made as the souvenir for the UFDC Region 12 conference held in Royal Oak, Michigan in 1985. She is 9” tall (22.9 cm) and has a porcelain head and antique-style composition and wood ball jointed body.

$29 – Free shipping in US