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Elise's outfits

Please note: Alexander used the same stock numbers repeatedly. The number at the end of the description refers to the source where a photo of the outfit may be found. See legend at bottom of page.

Year? - #? Red skirt of unpressed pleats with gold elastic waistband; white sweater with red and blue horizontal stripes, three-quarter sleeves, red bow at neck. Color in #6

Year? - #? - Red polished cotton dress with fitted bodice, full gathered skirt, short sleeves, white collar and cuffs, three white buttons on bodice; white hat with red ribbon trim and streamers.

Year? - #? - Nylon tulle bridal gown with attached stole; pearl necklace and earrings; bridal bouquet; tulle veil attached to cap decorated with pearls; white satin pumps. Color in #2

Year? - #? - Pink and white striped cotton blouse with elbow-length sleeves, lace ruffles down front; matching culottes; matching long pleated skirt. B&W in #4

Year? - #? - Blue taffeta dress with rhinestone brooch; matching long-sleeved bolero jacket; blue hat with pink flower and blue net veil; clover-shaped earrings; flocked(?) petticoat; white taffeta panties. May be the same as #1643 from 1957. Color in #6

Year? - #16-45 - Short sleeve light-colored blouse with darker trim on cuffs, buttons down front; matching shorts; matching button-front skirt. Sold extra. B&W in #4


#1600 - Basic outfit of lace chemise with straps, ribbon flowers at bodice and at legs; nylon hose; mules trimmed with lace and flowers; drop pearl earrings. Color in #2

#1610 - Pink and white taffeta gingham dress has a fitted bodice, full gathered skirt, white nylon organdy puffed sleeves with lace trim, peter pan collar; white straw hat with pink field flowers; white lace slip with scalloped hemline; white taffeta panties; stockings; pink high-heeled sandals. Color in #2

#1632 - Dark brown jumper has a flared skirt with inverted pleat at front; soft pink crepe blouse with bow at neckline, three quarter sleeves; brown straw hat; charm bracelet; elastic strap sandals. Color in #2

#1635 - Pale pink or blue ballerina tutu with nylon tulle skirt, satin bodice decorated with flowers; circlet of flowers in hair; pink tights; satin ballet slippers. B&W in #1, color in #6, #7 and #10

#1636 - Purple taffeta dress; two-tone purple bow tie; white coat; white furry hat; purple elastic-strap heels. B&W in #4

#1638 - Pale pink bridesmaid's gown of organdy and dotted nylon net, pink satin sash at waist, short puffed sleeves and square neckline; taffeta slip with nylon tulle ruffle at hemline; silk hose; pearl necklace & bracelet; silver shoes; basket of flowers; flowers in hair. Color in #2

#1640 - Pink taffeta dress; chocolate brown velvet coat with pink taffeta lining and bow at neck; brown hat trimmed with pink roses. B&W in #1

#1643 - Blue sleeveless taffeta dress with pink flowers at waist; matching bolero jacket; pink flowers in hair; black elastic-strap heels. B&W in #4

_1650 (2K)

#1650 - Nylon tulle bridal gown with attached stole; chapel length veil attached to coronet of flowers; bridal bouquet; pearl necklace and earrings.
Photo courtesy of Nancy McKee. Visit Nancy's shop.

#? - Velveteen pants; white long-sleeved blouse with lace ruffles down front; wide sash ties around waist. B&W in #3


#? - Blue slacks with gold elastic waistband; Red midriff top; long white jacket with elbow-length sleeves, mandarin collar. Matching Cissy and Cissette outfits available. Color in #12

#1710 - Dark polished cotton dress with white polka dots, short puffed sleeves with white cuffs, full skirt; straw hat with dotted tulle veil. B&W in #1

#1712 - Pink ballerina costume; same as #1635 of 1957.

#1718 - Pink shadow printed nylon shirtwaist dress has horizontal rows of lace trim on bodice, three-quarter sleeves with cuffs trimmed with lace; straw hat trimmed with tulle and roses. Matches Cissy outfit #2230. Color in #12

#1720 - Navy blue blazer with "yacht club" insignia, three brass buttons; white blouse; white slacks with navy or red piping; navy or red elastic-strap sandals. Color in #4

#1725 - Pink ballerina tutu has skirt of multiple layers of nylon tulle, satin bodice with ruff of pleated tulle around neckline and floral sash; floral headpiece; nylon tights; satin ballet slippers. B&W in #1, color in #7

#1730 - Pale green sleeveless nylon net ankle-length dress trimmed with rosebuds on skirt; wide stole of dotted net; nosegay of roses at shoulder. B&W in #1 and #4

#1732 - Cotton shirtwaist dress with three-quarter sleeves with cuffs, came in variations of print and color; belt; purple straw hat with flowers has tulle streamers to tie under neck; purse with flowers; earrings and ring. Matching Cissy outfit was made. Color in #12 (butterfly print)

#1736 - Sleeveless ankle-length gown of shadow printed nylon, lace trim at hem and sleeves; satin sash trimmed with roses; large picture hat with roses; pearl necklace; solitaire ring. B&W in #1

#1750 - Sleeveless bridal gown of sheer tulle embroidered with bridal wreath design, attached tulle stole at shoulders; full-length tulle veil attached to a coronet of white flowers; white floral bouquet with green leaves, white satin streamers; full taffeta underslip; taffeta panties; garter; nylons; silver slippers; pearl necklace, bracelet & earrings; solitaire ring. Matching outfits were made for Cissy and Cissette. Color in #2 and #12

#16-40 - Yellow and white striped swimsuit/playsuit; matching skirt ties around waist; yellow straw hat with green and red ribbon and fruit; low heeled shoes. Sold extra. Matches Cissette #805. B&W in #4


#? - Wool coat and hat in coral or royal blue with flower accents. B&W drawing in #4

#? - Striped skirt and sweater. Sold extra. B&W drawing in #4

#? - Petticoat and panties. Sold extra. B&W drawing in #4

#17-1 - Elastic-strap sandals, sold extra. B&W in #1

#17-2 - Sling-back sandals decorated with lace and flowers, sold extra. B&W in #1

#17-10 - Flower-trimmed straw hat, sold extra. B&W in #1

#17-18 - Moire shirtwaist dress with pointed collar and cuffs. Sold extra. Matches Cissy outfit #22-18. B&W in #1

#17-25 - Sleeveless crepe nightgown with lace bodice. Sold extra. Matches Cissy outfit #22-25. B&W in #1

#17-26 - Long-sleeved lace negligee. Sold extra. Matches Cissy outfit #22-26. B&W in #1

#17-50 - Orlon coat with pointed collar, cuffs, flower at neckline; matching hat. Sold extra. Matches Cissy outfit #22-50. B&W in #1

#17-60 - Sleeveless dotted tulle ball gown with ruffles at neckline; corsage of flowers at waist. Sold extra. Matches Cissy outfit #22-60. B&W in #1

#1810 - Gold Ballerina outfit with full gold net skirt, neckline trimmed with sequins; gold sequined tiara; pink tights; gold ballet slippers; gold earrings. Matches Cissette outfit #713. Color in #2 and #12

#1815 - Sheer nylon dress of pale pink with flowers has puffed sleeves and full skirt; darker pink velvet ribbon at waistline; pink straw hat with flowers and veil; pearl necklace & earrings; ring; nylon taffeta slip; panties; stockings; gold elastic-strap sandals. Color in #2

#1816 - Printed sateen skirt; white lace-trimmed nylon blouse with puffed sleeves; crushed taffeta belt; nylon petticoat; flower-trimmed straw hat; jeweled earrings and pendant; black elastic-strap heels. B&W in #1

#1830 - Pale blue pleated nylon bridesmaids gown with pleated sleeve treatment, flowers on bodice, velvet ribbon sash; picture hat with flowers; pearl necklace. Color in #12

#1835 - Pale pink or white nylon tulle bridal gown with vertical rows of lace on bodice, large puffed sleeves trimmed with the same lace; full-length matching tulle veil attached to a coronet of flowers; bridal bouquet; pearl necklace & earrings; ring. Matches Cissy outfit #2170 and Cissette outfit. Color in #2 and #12

Thanks to Gini Duford, Rebecca Mucchetti, Susan Jenkins Lacerte and Kari Gluski for help with this page.

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Copyright 1997-2007 by Zendelle Bouchard.

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