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Shari Lewis (1959-60?)

Shari Lewis was a popular children's television star in the late fifties, and her popularity, along with that of her puppet, Lambchop, continues today, despite her untimely death in 1998.

This is an unusual doll for Alexander in that it was made with an entirely new head mold, which was never re-used. She was made with the one-piece graceful arms used on the later Cissys. The doll came in six different outfits, all available in 14" or 21" sizes. Her wrist tag featured a photo of Shari and Lambchop.

Click on the photo to see a larger version.

Shari Lewis doll by Alexander Shari Lewis doll by Alexander _1430 (2K)

#2430 (21") / #1430 (14") - Short, fully lined evening gown of gold lace trimmed with floral braid, with very full skirt; pendant corsage of pink roses hangs from pink crushed taffeta belt; golden bead necklace & matching bracelet; solitaire ring; pearl earrings; gold elastic-strap sandals
Photos courtesy of Lisa Hanson. Visit Lisa's eBay Store.

_1431 (2K)

#2431/#1431 - Polished cotton moire shirtwaist dress in rose pink or teal green, three-quarter sleeves have cuffs with rhinestone "button"; gold chain belt with gold ball accents; natural straw hat trimmed with black ribbon and flowers; drop pearl earrings; elastic-strap sandals.

#2432/#1432 - Same style dress as #2431 in bright blue cotton; silver contour belt; solitaire ring; pearl earrings; natural straw hat trimmed with pink flowers; silver elastic-strap sandals.

_2433 (3K)

#2433/#1433 - Green skirt of heavy slipper satin; yellow rayon jersey sweater; yellow crinoline slip with nylon net ruffle; gold contour belt; green straw hat with bright pink flower trim; double-strand necklace of green beads; pearl earrings; solitaire ring; rhinestone watch pinned to skirt waist; green elastic-strap sandals. Skirt in photo has faded to a brownish color.

#2440/#1440 - Dress of heavy slipper satin; matching, fully lined coat with ruffle at neckline, fastened with a single rose; evening bag; pearl jewelry; elastic-strap sandals.

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Sources for this page include:

  • "Madame Alexander Catalog Reprints, 1942-1962" published by Barbara Jo McKeon
  • "Madame Alexander's Ladies of Fashion" by Marjorie Victoria Sturges Uhl

Copyright 1997-2009 by Zendelle Bouchard.

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