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Hassenfeld Bros. / Hasbro

lh_video (29K) Leggy Nan doll by Hasbro
Jem, launched in 1985, and Leggy dolls from the 1970s were two of Hasbro's lines of fashion dolls.
Photos courtesy of Lisa Hanson. Check out Lisa's eBay listings.

Hasbro was started in Rhode Island in the 1920s by two brothers, Henry and Helal Hassenfeld, under the name Hassenfeld Brothers. They began making toys in the 1940s, and had their first big hit in 1952 with Mr. Potato Head. They branched out into dolls beginning in 1964 with G.I. Joe, although he was always called an "action figure" since the company figured boys wouldn't play with a "doll." He was hugely successful and is still made today. The company officially changed its name to Hasbro in 1968. Other Hasbro doll products include those listed below. Click on the link to go to the individual page.

  • Cutie Clothes - 1958 - Hasbro stuck its toe into the doll market waters with this series of clothing kits to dress 8" to 10.5" dolls.
  • Little Miss No Name - 1965 - 15" pathetic girl doll dressed in rags, complete with tear on her cheek.
  • Peteena - 1966 - 11" poodle fashion doll with additional outfits (pictured above).
  • Dolly Darlings - 1965-67 - 4" dolls with molded hair came in round plastic hatbox-type cases with accessories. A couple of years later, Dolly Darlings had rooted hair and were packaged in cardboard boxes with cello fronts or on bubble cards. Many different dolls were issued. Four different play rooms were also sold.
  • Flying Nun - This is a Dolly Darling dressed to represent Sally Field's character Sister Bertrille from the TV show.
  • That Kid! - 1967 - A 21.5" mechanical boy doll with slingshot
  • Flower Darlings - 1968 - 3.5" tall, came inside plastic flower pins. These dolls have the same head molds as Dolly Darlings but with smaller bodies.
  • Storykins - 1969 - These dolls were knockoffs of Mattel's Liddle Kiddles, and represented characters from fairy tales including Snow white, Rumplestilskin and Cinderella. They came packaged with furniture and accessories. 2" to 3.5" tall.
  • World of Love - 1971-72 - With names like Love, Flower and Peace, these dolls embodied the best qualities of the youth culture of the late sixties and early seventies. They are 9" tall and had many extra outfits. There are five girl dolls plus Adam, a boy with molded hair.
  • Miss Breck - Advertising doll for Breck Shampoo made from the same mold as World of Love.
  • Leggy - 1972 - These 10" dolls are easy to identify. Most of their length is legs! Four different dolls were made.
  • Aimée - 1972 - 18" doll with extra available hairpieces and outfits. Aimée page.
  • Sweet Cookie - 1972 - 18" girl doll came in black or white versions with cooking accessories.
  • Romper Room Softies - 10" cloth dolls tied in with the children's TV show.
  • Flutter-byes - 1973 - Tiny 1.5" dolls with wild colored hair and wings. They look like little flying trolls.
  • Charlie's Angels - 1977 - 8.5" dolls representing the three main characters from the TV show. Extra fashions were sold.
  • Jem - mid-1980s - Series of 12" fashion dolls with an interesting rock and roll storyline.
  • Maxie - late 1980s - Barbie type fashion doll
  • Hasbro has always focused more on their toys and games than their dolls (with the exception of G.I. Joe), and their acquisitions of Playskool, Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley, Kenner and Tonka in the 1980s and '90s continued that trend. Today they are the largest toy company in the world. Hasbro is currently selling a new version of Kenner's Blythe doll from the 1970s. See also:

Thanks to Shelley Smith for help with this page.

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