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Peteena (1966)

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surftn (2K)
Surf's Up
sidetn (2K)
Note the tail
facetn (2K)
Inserted eyelashes

Peteena was the first animal fashion doll. But more than that, she embodies for us what collectors love about the swinging sixties - the wild and silly irreverence, the hip attitude and the fun, well-made fashions. She was heavily promoted, but perhaps she didn't live up to Hasbro's expectations, as she was made for only one year. Peteena is not hard to find, but her value has risen in recent years due to the interest of Japanese collectors.

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campustn (2K)
Campus Capers
oohlatn (5K)
Ooh La La
backtn (3K)
Back of the box
raintn (2K)
Slicker Set

Body Construction
Peteena is 9" tall, with a soft white vinyl head and more rigid vinyl body. She has short fuzzy rooted hair (on her head only) and beautiful brown eyes with blue eyeshadow and long eyelashes inserted into slots above each eye. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips and has a separate, removable tail. Replacement tails have been sold on eBay in recent years.

Peteena is marked "©1966/Hasbro®/Japan/Patent Pending" on her back

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zerotn (6K)
Zero Cool
gogglestn (4K)
bootstn (3K)
Ski Boots

Peteena's clothing is well designed and well made. At least one piece of each outfit is tagged, making identification easy if you have the complete set. There are six outfits altogether.

  • Surf's Up is the outfit she was sold in. It consists of a lime green polka dotted bikini made from a synthetic knit material; matching cotton hat; yellow sandals; arm bracelet; hard plastic sunglasses. The bikini has two foam rubber pads to give a little shape to Peteena's flat-chested figure. The sunglasses are fragile and can be easily broken - they are the hardest piece of the outfit to find. The hard plastic may have a chemical reaction with the vinyl of Peteena's head, so it's best for her to wear them on her hat rather than on her face.
  • Ooh La La is a hot pink satin one-shoulder evening gown with matching rabbit fur-trimmed stole, both with pearl accents; nylon stockings; long white gloves; white shoes; gold clutch purse; pearl necklace, bracelet and drop earrings. Note that Peteena's ears are not pierced, so in order to put the earrings on, you would have to pole holes in her ears. Ouch!
  • Campus Capers is Peteena's French schoolgirl outfit. Is consists of a blue and burgundy synthetic knit striped top and matching tights; burgundy belt with metal closure; burgundy cotton jersey skirt and matching tam; burgundy Mary Jane shoes; State pennant with streamers; black vinyl book bag and book strap; 3 books.
  • Slicker Set is a black plastic raincoat with horizontal yellow stripe; matching black hat; yellow boots; non-opening umbrella; flat yellow vinyl bag. The vinyl boots usually have hardened over time, and may split if you try to force them on her feet.
  • Zero Cool is what Peteena wears to hit the slopes! This outfit consists of a synthetic knit jumpsuit in aqua and lime; matching aqua jacket with back zipper and lime embroidered accent; skis; poles; black plastic boots; goggles; furry hat and mittens.
  • Twinkle Toes is Peteena's ballet outfit, or rather two outfits. One is a black practice leotard and tights; the other is a pink velveteen ballet costume trimmed with lace and flowers; pink tights; blue ballet slippers with ties; floral headpiece.

Peteena ("the poodle in a bikini") was packaged in an open-front box, covered with cello, to show her off. The background was illustrated with a tropical beach scene. On the sides of the box her extra outfits were illustrated. The outfit packaging is shown above. Read the groovy text on the back - yeah, baby!

Thanks to Elaine Butler for help with this page.

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Copyright 2006 by Zendelle Bouchard.

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