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Crown Princess (1957)

Crown Princess doll by Ideal

Ideal's Crown Princess was the precursor to their Little Miss Revlon doll. The two are often thought to be identical except for Crown Princess lacking pierced ears, but close comparison of the two dolls reveals that they were made with different head molds. Little Miss Revlon has a more closed mouth and smaller ears than her "royal" cousin.

Body Construction
Crown Princess has a rigid vinyl torso and legs with softer vinyl head and arms. She is jointed at neck, shoulders, waist and hips. She has gray sleep eyes with molded lashes and five painted lashes at the outer corner of each eye. Her rooted hair in various shades is styled into a ponytail. She has red lips, finger and toenails. Click here to see a closeup of her face.

Crown Princess is completely unmarked.

Crown Princess doll by Ideal

The doll was advertised in a royal velvet cape and lace ballgown, black lace lingerie or various other outfits. Each doll came with a tiara.

The doll pictured above wears (appropriately) a princess-style taffeta dress in pink and purple stripes, with purple velvet ribbon bows at the front and back. The same ribbon trims the sleeves and bodice. The dress has an Ideal tag on the inside, and the white donut-style snaps are marked "S.M. Co. Grippers". Her hat is formed of pink and blue braid with lavender nettings and a tiny bouquet of flowers. Underneath she wears a stiff crinoline with blue tulle ruffle trimmed with pink stitching, a black organdy bra and matching lace panties. Her shoes are white plastic.

Other outfits include a pink dress with white stripes and high neckline banded in white; Black and white sundress with red and yellow abstract floral print, black tulle band at hem.

Crown Princess came in a white box decorated with an overall pattern of gold fleur-de-lis. Click here to see the label on one end of the box identifying the doll. Dolls in lingerie or other outfits were apparently stock #0800; in the gown and cape, #0801. There was also a gift set of the doll with extra outfits which was stock #0870.

Sources for this page include:

  • "Collector's Guide to Ideal Dolls" by Judith Izen.

Copyright 1997-1999 by Zendelle Bouchard.

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