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The World of Barbie Fashions by Mattel, Book 3

The World of Barbie Fashions by Mattel, Book 3 is dated 1966. It includes Color Magic and Twist 'n Turn Barbie dolls; Casey; and Black and White Francie dolls. Several of Barbie's 1600 series and 1400 series outfits are pictured, along with the 1700 series Color Magic...

Tressy, Mary Make-up & Cricket Booklet

This booklet came with American Character's Tressy, Mary Make-up and Cricket dolls in 1965. In this year, Cricket finally got her own growing hair feature, and was marketed as Tressy's little sister (previously she was called her cousin.)

Mattel’s Million Dollar Christmas Sweepstakes (1967)

In November of 1967, Mattel rolled out a new promotion in magazines across the country. The Million Dollar Christmas Sweepstakes included a seven page ad with a cover page; five full color pages of dolls and toys; a list of participating stores; and a lucky number...

Magic Attic Club Holiday 1998 Catalog

Magic Attic Club dolls were produced by four different companies between 1994 and 2004. They were the first competitors to the American Girl dolls but never realized their full potential. For more information on Magic Attic, visit the Just Magic site.

Catalog Illustrations for Mam’selle Outfits for Sindy, Paul and Patch (1966)

Mam'selle Gear Get-Ups were a separate line from Pedigree's regular clothing for their Sindy, Paul and Patch fashion dolls. These six catalog pages from 1966 show illustrations of these hard to find outfits. Sindy OutfitsPaul OutfitsPatch Outfits

Mam’selle Doll Accessory Boxed Sets (1966)

The Pedigree Toy Box catalog for 1966 shows a page of boxed "jewellery and nic-nacs" sets (what in the US would be called accessories) for dolls. The jewelry includes a brooch which appears to be a deer, two pairs of earrings (one balls and one possibly cat heads), a...
Alexander 14" First Lady dolls, first series

14″ First Lady Dolls by Madame Alexander – First Series (1976-78)

There's also a video version of this post here. The Alexander Doll Company issued six series of 14” First Lady dolls beginning in 1976 and ending in 1990, depicting the wives of the US Presidents. The first series, available from 1976 through 1978, included Martha...
Diana doll by Mirren Barrie

Diana, a Lady of 1830 by Doll Artist Mirren Barrie

Diana, a lady of 1830, by Mirren Barrie is 12” tall and all cloth with a hardened face and hand painted features. Her wire armature enables her to stand unaided. She has embroidery floss hair and a detailed, early Victorian costume accessorized with hat, purse,...
Pedigree Highland Lassie doll

Highland Lassie, a Pedigree Authentic Tartan Dressed Doll

Highland Lassie is an Authentic Tartan Dressed Doll made by Pedigree. She is 13 3/4" tall (35 cm) and has a soft vinyl head and arms, and rigid vinyl torso and legs. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She has short blonde rooted hair, blue sleep eyes with...
Effanbee composition dolls

Composition in Competition: UFDC Region 14 Conference, 2008

In May of 2008 I attended the United Federation of Doll Club's Region 14 Conference hosted by the Shaker Doll Club in Albany, NY. One of the best things about being a member of UFDC is the opportunity to attend these regional events, where you get together with other...

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Dr. John Littlechap's Medical Outfit

Dr. John Littlechap’s Medical Tunic and Slacks outfit also includes a pen and tongue depressor; medical bag, stethoscope and watch; socks and shoes; and Littlechap Family fashion booklet. This outfit is complete and in excellent condition.

$35 – Free Shipping in US

Horsman Heavenly Baby - 1970 Zodiac Doll

This is Horsman’s Heavenly Baby doll, also known as the Zodiac doll. She is marked HORSMAN DOLL INC. 19©68 on the back of her head. She was actually sold in 1970, and came with a child-size charm bracelet (missing) that had a charm for each sign of the Zodiac. She is 6″ long, and has long rooted platinum blonde hair and stationary eyes, and wears her original flocked romper.

$23 – Free Shipping in US

Scottie Dog on Leash for Fab-Lu Babs Doll - Vintage 1960s Barbie Clone Fashion Doll

This little black Scottie dog came with Fab-Lu’s Babs doll, a Barbie clone from the 1960s. He is in great condition with his original leash.

$20 – Free Shipping in US

Composition Baby Doll from Denmark - Vintage Zilver Compo Doll

This vintage baby doll is incised Zilver 2 Denmark in an oval on his back. He seems to be a rarity as I could find no other references to Zilver dolls anywhere online. He is made of a very hard composition, jointed at the arms and legs. He was originally spring jointed, but he lost the hook out of one arm, and it was replaced at some point with a nail. I restrung that arm with elastic cord. The other spring is still intact. He has some paint loss in small areas. A very cool and unusual composition doll!

$22 – Free Shipping in US

Mod Era Barbie Clone Fashion Doll Outfit

Mod era Barbie clone fashion doll outfit, top and pants of baby blue perma-pleated nylon. Not tagged but definitely factory made. Snap on pants is there but needs restitching. Clean, no odors.

$14 – Free Shipping in US

Lot of Strombecker Dream House Furniture

Lot of vintage wooden dollhouse furniture by Strombecker, from their Dream House set which came with a cardboard dollhouse. The following pieces are included: yellow bed and chair; blue tub, sink and toilet; white refrigerator and apartment-sized stove; red table and chair; silver bowl. All are in good condition, no damage. A lovely set of vintage 1940s miniature furniture!

$35 – Free Shipping in US

Nancy Forbes Living Room Wooden Dollhouse Furniture

Lot of vintage wooden dollhouse furniture by Rapaport Bros., which they sold under their Nancy Forbes trade name. The following pieces are included: sofa, armchair, table, radio, two end tables, footstool and two gold lamps. All are structurally sound but some pieces have wear. A nice set of vintage 1940s miniature furniture for your dollhouse or room box!

$27 – Free Shipping in US

"Love Me" 1950 Rubber Doll by Erlo Made in Germany

Vintage rubber doll, made in Germany for the German market. She has painted hair and eyes. The wording on the package reads: “ERLO // Love Me // Rubber doll // The given washable toy for toddlers made of hygienically perfect material” The handwritten note is dated 1959. The doll has never been out of the package. A darling and unusual doll!

$29 – Free Shipping in US

Vintage Framed Photo of Shirley Temple

Vintage framed photo of Shirley Temple dressed in her jammies and holding a felt toy goose or duck. The photo is sepia tone and double matted. The mats are cut with rounded corners. The back of the frame needs to be secured, it’s just a few pieces of duct tape holding it on and they are coming loose. The dimensions of the photo are 4.5″ x 3″ and the overall size is 7 3/4″ x 5 3/4″.

$25 – Free Shipping in US