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Effanbee Anne Shirley Composition Doll 1940s

This 15″ composition doll is marked Anne Shirley on her back. She has a mohair wig. Her sleep eyes open and close easily, they are clear and she has all her lashes. She has a tiny crack above each eye and cracks on the side of her left leg, otherwise her compo is not in bad condition with minimal crazing. She wears a vintage cotton print dress with eyelet collar, pique underpants, rayon socks and vintage vinyl shoes. Best of all she has her brass Effanbee heart bracelet. A very nice vintage compo girl for your collection!


Sweet Amelia Vintage Reproduction Bisque Head Doll

Sweet Amelia is 11.25″ tall, with a bisque shoulder head and limbs, and a cloth body. She has blonde molded hair and painted blue eyes. She is a reproduction of antique china and bisque dolls made in the late 19th century. Amelia was sold as a kit to assemble and dress. She is marked CRAFTWAYS 1991 on the back of the shoulder plate. She has some spots on her body and apron, and fading to her dress, but is otherwise in good condition with no damage or odors. A lovely doll for your collection!


Tasha Tudor China Head Doll Sally Vintage 1978

Sally is a reproduction china head doll that was made from a kit. World-renowned illustrator Tasha Tudor made and sold these kits in the 1970s. the kit included the china head, arms and legs, muslin for the body and instructions. This example is signed and dated 1978 on the back of the shoulder plate. She has a few rust spots on her body, and a few craze lines on the china, but is otherwise in good condition with no odors. She wears a lace-trimmed muslin petticoat and a lovely dress accented with cross stitch embroidery. She measures 12 3/4″ tall. A lovely vintage china head doll with an interesting history!


Pretty Vintage 1940s Composition Doll

Pretty all-composition doll, probably from the early 1940s, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She has an auburn mohair wig. Her painted blue eyes have been touched up, see photos. She is wearing her original flowered dress trimmed with green and purple trim, white taffeta panties, felt bonnet, rayon socks and oilcloth shoes. Her dress and undies are not removable. She has a cracker on her check but her compo is otherwise in very good condition with no other cracks or crazing. Her stringing is also very good. Her hair is a bit mussy. A lovely vintage girl!


Beautiful Vintage Composition Bride Doll

Lovely all-composition doll, probably from the early 1940s, wearing her original taffeta bridal gown with attached slip and panty, and net veil. She has one shoe and sock but managed to lose the other one, probably rushing to get to the church on time. You can’t tell unless you peek under the dress. She has a beautiful auburn mohair wig with felt flowers on either side. She is unmarked. The doll is in very good condition with no damage to the compo. There is a strange square hole in her lower back, but you can tell it was molded that way, not sure why. She could use a light cleaning. The dress has some stains and there are holes in the veil. The veil is permanently attached. Her stringing is good but one arm wants to stay up all the time. A sweet little vintage lady!


Virga Topsy Walking Playmate Hard Plastic Doll 1950s

Virga Walking Playmates Topsy is an 8″ Black hard plastic toddler doll, made in the 1950s to compete with Vogue’s Ginny. She wears her original cotton piqué dress and cotton panty, rayon socks and vinyl shoes. Topsy is in good condition with no cracks or splits. Her walking mechanism still works pretty well. Her hair is a bit messy. No odors. Her outfit is in good condition but could use a little freshening. A sweet vintage African American toddler doll!


John w/ His Teddy Bear - UFDC Souvenir Doll by Linda Steele

This sweet boy doll by Linda Steele was the souvenir from the United Federation of Doll Clubs’ National Convention held in St. Louis in 1989. It is a portrait of John Clendenien, who was UFDC President at that time, as a child. He is dressed in his nightshirt and holds his original teddy bear who has a night cap. He is 11″ tall, with a porcelain head, shoulder plate and limbs on a cloth body. Excellent condition with no damage or odors. A darling little fellow for your doll cabinet!


Midori Doll by Heidi Ott

Midori is part of the Little Ones series of dolls designed by Swiss artist Heidi Ott. She is 12″ tall (30.5 cm) and has black human hair up in braids, and painted features. She has a vinyl head, shoulder plate and limbs on a cloth torso. She wears a cotton kimono, obi and pants, and has flowers in her hair and her original wrist tag. She is in good condition with no damage, but seems to have a very slight odor of smoke when you hold her right up to your nose. She has a lovely, serene expression!


Ideal Betsy McCall in Hard to Find Outfit

Ideal Betsy McCall doll wearing her hard-to-find original dress made to resemble the “Betsy McCall Saves For a Bond” paper doll in McCall’s magazine in 1953. Betsy was the first vinyl head doll made by Ideal. She is 14 inches tall with a hard plastic body, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. One of her brown sleep eyes is stuck open and the other is slightly cockeyed. She has all her lashes. Her face is a little sticky (common with these dolls) and her hair is a bit straggly, and the remnants of an old rubber band are on the ponytail. Her hair may have been trimmed. Her green woven plaid dress has a knit collar and knit pocket edgings. It is in very good condition. The dress has an attached slip and she wears her matching panties as well. Her diamond pattern stockings and black shoes are vintage but newer. She has a slightly musty odor and could use a light cleaning. A sweet vintage Betsy in a great outfit!


Effanbee Fluffy 8.5" Vinyl 1950s Doll

Effanbee’s Fluffy is a sweet little girl doll, all vinyl and 8.5″ tall, with rooted dark brown hair and blue sleep eyes. She wears what I believe is her original taffeta dress trimmed with cotton eyelet. It is not tagged. She also wears vintage rayon socks and black vinyl shoes that are a little too big. The dress has a few spots, otherwise she is in good condition with no damage or odors. From a pet-friendly home. A darling doll to add to your collection!


Sasha Carmen Doll in Tube

This is Carmen, a Sasha girl doll made by Götz in 2001. She is 14″ tall with very pale coloring, and long blonde hair with a braid in back. She wears her original blue knit sweater decorated with white ribbon bows with two pearls on each bow, a cream/blue pleated plaid skirt, cream tights and white leather ankle strap shoes. She has both her original wrist tags (no paper tags) and comes in her tube. She was displayed by her previous owner and has a very light smoke smell when you hold her right up to your nose. A lovely and rare addition to your Sasha collection!


Tyrolean Boy & Girl by Heidi Ott

This Tyrolean boy and girl by Heidi Ott are 19″ tall, with vinyl heads and limbs on a cloth body. They are beautifully made with human hair wigs and wonderful attention to detail. The boy wears a hand knit wool sweater and matching socks, real suede lederhosen and leather shoes. His sister wears an embroidered wool vest and velvet skirt. She has a crown of flowers on her head. Overall they are in very good condition with no damage or odors. A lovely pair of dolls for your collection!


American Character 14" Betsy McCall in Original Dress

Darling vintage 14″ Betsy McCall doll was made by American Character in the late 1950s. She has dark blonde hair and blue sleep eyes with all their lashes. Her waist is jointed. She is marked MCCALLS 19(C)58 CORP on the back of her head. She wears her original pink cotton dress with white braid and pleated nylon trim. It is missing the velvet sash at the waist. She also wears newer white panties, vintage rayon socks and ankle strap shoes. Her hair is a little mussy, not sure if it has been trimmed. It smells of smoke. She is one of cutest dolls made in the ’50s. A sweet little girl from yesteryear!


Gail Wilson Noah's Ark w/ Fence & Animals

Fantastic miniature wooden Noah’s Ark set with Noah and his wife, six pairs of animals (plus the doves) and fence by Gail Wilson. This is the earlier version made for her 9″ Early American Doll in the 1990s. It is slightly larger than the Noah’s Ark she sells now, and doesn’t have wheels. Excellent condition and complete. From a smoke-free, pet friendly home. A lovely early Gail Wilson accessory for your collection!


Elderly Chinese Woman Character Doll - Vintage Papier Mache

This old woman has so much character! She measures about 13″ tall and is mounted on a wooden base. Her head, arms and legs are some type of composition and her body is stuffed and wrapped paper. She wears a two-piece silk costume. The jacket has a few holes, and she is missing the drop part from one earring. Her wonderfully painted face is in great condition.


Effanbee Honey Walker Vintage 1950s Doll

This is Honey Walker, a 14 inch hard plastic walking doll made by Effanbee in the 1950s. Her original wig has been replaced with a newer one of human hair. Her walking mechanism works well and her arms are well strung. She has been redressed in a vintage polished cotton dress, very well made. She has vintage vinyl shoes as well. She has no cracks or splits and has all her eyelashes. One hand has some chew marks. She needs a light cleaning but has no obnoxious odors. A lovely little vintage girl with a sweet face!


Vogue Jill Outfit 7408 Vintage 1950s

Tagged outfit for Vogue’s Jill doll is #7408 from 1957. The elastic on the hat, slip and skirt is a bit stretched out, and half of one of the snaps on the blouse is coming off. Includes the hard to find belt and a pair of brown shoes. A nice outfit for your Jill or Jan doll!


Walmart 30th Anniversary Star Barbie Doll 1993 NRFB

Anniversary Star Barbie was a Walmart exclusive for their 30th anniversary. She is a beautiful blonde with blue eyes the Superstar face mold. She wears a pink and silver gown, matching hair bow and silver armlets. The box has some wear but the contents are in mint condition. From a non-smoking, pet-friendly home. A smashing Superstar for your collection!


Effanbee Patsyette Groom Composition Doll 1930s

This Effanbee Patsyette doll is one of the rare male dolls, costumed as a groom. He is all composition, nine inches tall, with painted brown eyes and black hair. His outfit appears to be all original, and includes a felt cutaway jacket with attached white cuffs, white cotton shirt, black ribbon bow tie, wool pants, rayon socks and black oilcloth shoes. Patsyette has some crazing and there is paint loss to the hands. A great little vintage Effanbee doll for your collection!


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