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Madame Alexander Dolls Reference Books

Here are three reference books on Madame Alexander dolls, with lots of great information for the collector. Treasury of Madame Alexander Dolls by Jan Foulke is 104 pages, softcover, published in 1979. It includes many b&w photos and information you will not find elsewhere, on dolls made between 1930 and 1978, including composition, cloth, hard plastic and vinyl. Rare and Hard to Find Madame Alexander Collectors Dolls by Barbar Jo McKeon is 154 pages, softcover, signed by the author. It is filled with color photos and descriptions of dolls from the ’30s to 1970. Madame Alexander’s American Beauties by Florence Theriault is 177 pages, softcover. This is an auction catalog from 1983. It includes most b&w photos but there are several pages in color. It includes a wide variety of dolls from the company’s first 50 years, including Cissy and the Dionne Quintuplets. These books are all in excellent condition with no issues or odors. A great addition to your library!


Madame Alexander Dolls Reference Books

Madame Alexander Store Exclusives and Limited Editions by Linda Crowsey is softcover, 174 pages, published in 2000. Filled with color photos of dolls, mostly from the ’80s and ’90s, many of which are not documented elsewhere. The World of Alexander-kins by Patricia Smith is hardcover, 191 pages, published in 1985, signed by Madame Alexander. Full color photos of 8″ dolls, mostly from the 1950s and ’60s. Madame Alexander Little People by Marge Biggs is hardcover, 158 pages, published in 1979, signed by the author. All color photos of dolls from the 1930s-1970s, with descriptions. The Alexander-kins book and the Store Exclusives book are in excellent condition. The Little People book has some writing and some brown spots along the top edge of the book. Great books to add to your reference library!


1959 Vogue Ginny Baby Doll 18"

Here is Ginny Baby from 1959, the first year she was produced. She is 17.5″ tall (advertised as 18″), all vinyl, a drink and wet doll. She has sleep eyes and rooted dark blonde hair. Ginny Baby wears her original mint green gingham top and pants. She is missing her shoes and socks and hair ribbon. She is in excellent, clean condition with no issues or odors. The elastic on the pants is stretched out a bit. A sweet vintage baby doll!


Berjusa Anatomically Correct Baby Boy Doll

This newborn baby boy doll by Berjusa measures 20″ long. He is a very realistic all-vinyl doll with inset eyes, marked BERJUSA on the back of his head. He comes with his original wrist band showing his birthdate of February 14, 1985 – a Valentine’s Day baby! He also has his original belly band and flannel diaper. His previous owner added a cute preemie-size real baby outfit for him to wear. He is in very good condition, may need a light cleaning, but he has no odors or issues. A sweet little infant to adore!


Old Cottage Toys Pearly King Doll

This is a vintage Pearly King doll by Old Cottage Toys, made in England. His felt outfit is covered with shiny buttons like the real Pearly Kings of London. His head is a little bit squashed but he is stable and displays very well. No odors. He has his original wrist tag.


Dulcie Doll Kit by Silver Dollar City

This kit makes Dulcie, a doll with a head and shoes you mold of salt dough, and a wire armature padded with cotton batting. The kit was sold by Silver Dollar City, a Missouri company, in the 1970s. 


18" Riding Savannah - Our Generation Doll by Battat

This is Riding Savannah from the Our Generation line made by Battat. She is an 18 inch play doll with vinyl head, arms and legs and a cloth body. She can wear American Girl clothes. She’s dated 1998. She’s quite a heavy doll. Her outfit is very cool, denim jacket and jeans with gold lame trim, accented with black flocked polka dots. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll! She has a matching head band. Check out her awesome red cowgirl boots. A red turtleneck, white underpants and white socks complete her outfit. She has her original wrist tag too. She is in excellent condition, clean, no damage or odors. A great play doll!


Baby Pebbles Flintstone by Ideal

The first Pebbles Flintstone doll was this adorable 14″ baby made by Ideal, introduced in 1963 when Pebbles joined the Flintstone family on TV. She has a vinyl head with rooted red hair and painted features, vinyl limbs and a cloth body. She has her original plastic bone in her hair and wears her original flannel outfit and diaper. Pebbles is very clean, with no odors and is in excellent condition with great face color. She does have some light staining at the top part of her vinyl arms, probably from the dye in the outfit, which covers it. A great vintage TV collectible!


Vintage Clone Ski Outfit for 9" Doll

Vintage 1960s mint on card ski outfit for 9 inch little sister fashion dolls. The shoes look like they would fit Ideal’s Pepper doll, and the outfit is very similar to her big sister Tammy’s Snow Bunny outfit. Includes black knit pants, red flannel jacket, red vinyl skis, yellow poles and black shoes. I think the plastic wrap may not be original. A cute clone outfit!


Norah Wellings Scottish Soldier Doll

This hard-to-find vintage Norah Wellings doll is dressed in a Scottish military uniform. I have seen him described as a palace guard but his uniform looks more like a simplified version of a Gordon Highlander, a Scottish unit of the British army. He is 15 inches tall and has a molded cloth head and cloth legs, with a velveteen and felt uniform that is integral to his body. Only his faux fur hat and his felt spats are removable. He is labelled on one foot. He has some soil and a few moth holes but is still a nice doll for display. A great addition to your Norah Wellings or Scottish dolls collection!


Dolly Parton Fashion Doll by Eegee Goldberger

This is Dolly Parton, made in doll form by Goldberger (also known as Eegee) in 1978. Although she is the same height as Barbie, she cannot wear most Barbie clothes due to her bust size. She comes to you in her original box. I took her out to take the photos but didn’t take her off the backing card. The box has some wear and tear. She is in excellent condition with no odors. I did notice a small spot on one leg, hidden by her skirt, didn’t try to clean it off. This version of Dolly is harder to find that the one in the red jumpsuit, and she has a different face mold. A nice vintage celebrity doll!


Sasha Toddler Doll Claudius by Götz

This is Claudius, a Sasha toddler doll made by Götz in 2001. He is 12″ tall with brown eyes and red hair. He wears his original sailor outfit of striped shirt and pants, separate collar, navy wool coat and hat, white cotton underpants and undershirt, white socks and black leather shoes. He has both his original wrist tags and is in excellent condition, with no odors or issues. He was displayed by his previous owner in a curio cabinet away from direct light. A lovely and rare addition to your Sasha collection!


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