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Skipper #1904 Flower Girl Accessories

Here are the accessories to Skipper’s Flower Girl outfit, #1904, made from 1964-5. The bouquet with yellow and white silk ribbon streamers is the same one that goes to Barbie and Midge’s Orange Blossom outfit. Also included are the yellow crown of flowers, white short gloves and white socks made of nylon tricot.

$27 – Free Shipping in US

Hasbro Charlie's Angels Underwater Intrigue Outfit

These pieces go to the Underwater Intrigue outfit made by Hasbro in 1977 for their 8.5″ Charlie’s Angels dolls. Includes the scuba tank with mask, spear gun, flippers, gold lame cape and turban. Good condition and ready for your dolls’ next adventure!

$25 – Free Shipping in US

Kenner Bionic Woman Mission Bag & Accessories

This is Jaime Sommers’ red vinyl Mission Bag and accessories, made by Kenner for the Bionic Woman doll in 1976. Inside the bag are a blue brush, comb and mirror; yellow folder with Morse code alphabet; yellow map wallet with two maps; yellow purse with 3 square blue cosmetics (I think that’s what they are), 5 one-dollar and 5 five-dollar bills with her picture on them, and all her cards including driver’s license, library card, charge cards and a picture of Steve. I’m also including a pair of her red vinyl sandals that match the bag.

$25 – Free Shipping in US

Effanbee Half Pint Doll

Half Pint by Effanbee is one of the cutest dolls ever made. She was produced from the 1960s into the 1980s. She is all vinyl, jointed, with side-glancing sleep eyes. This version of Half Pint has short blonde hair and wears her original romper and straw hat.

$39 plus shipping

Madame Alexander Fairy Godmother Doll

10″ Madame Alexander Fairy Godmother doll was made in 1993 only. She is hard plastic and jointed at the hips and shoulders. She has the Cissette face, with red hair and gray eyes. She wears a sparkly blue and green gown with gold ribbon roses and gold high heel shoes, and carries her gold plastic wand. 

$24 – Free Shipping in US

Striped Fur Coat Outfit for Miss Teenager USA - Vintage Barbie Clone

This striped faux fur coat, hat and muff is a complete outfit, originally made for Miss Teenager USA, a vintage Barbie clone doll from the 1960s, made by Evergreen. The outfits were made by Princess Grace/Mego. It is in very good condition with no odors and no issues. The hat is a bit too small for her head, she has a lot of hair, so it just perches on top. The coat will fit Barbie and other similar size dolls as well.

$20 – Free shipping in US

Ideal ZuZu Kid Composition Doll

This hard to find antique doll is the ZuZu Kid, made by Ideal in 1916-17 to advertise ZuZu Ginger Snaps, made by National Biscuit Co. (later called Nabisco). She has a composition head, hands and boots, on a cloth body.

$79 plus shipping

Uneeda Sweetums Composition Baby Doll

This adorable composition baby is Sweetums, made by Uneeda in the 1930s. She was made to be a drink-and-wet doll, with an oilcloth torso. She has tin sleep eyes and a wide open mouth.

$39 – Free shipping in US

Lovely Polish Mask Face Doll

This is the nicest Polish mask face doll I have ever come across. She is 16 inches tall with a plastic mask face. The rest of her is cloth. She is jointed at the shoulders and hips, and has fluffy blonde hair in braids. She wears a black and white rayon dress with white sleeves, white petticoat and panties. Her hat matches the dress.

$25 plus shipping

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Tressy, Mary Make-up & Cricket Booklet

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Alexander 14" First Lady dolls, first series

14″ First Lady Dolls by Madame Alexander – First Series (1976-78)

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Diana doll by Mirren Barrie

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Effanbee composition dolls

Composition in Competition: UFDC Region 14 Conference, 2008

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