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Doreena Ballerina was advertised by Valentine in 1957. She has a vinyl head with sleep eyes and rooted hair; vinyl arms; hard plastic torso; and hard plastic legs with jointed knees and ankles, so she can wear flats, high heels or ballet slippers. She was available in a variety of ballet costumes, which are pictured in the brochure that came with her. Her special stand enables her to pose on her toes. An extra outfit was packaged with her, so she could change into street clothes.

Doreena was also sold with a 40 piece “Ballet Tour” gift set which included a stage set.

Doreena Ballerina doll by Valentine
Doreena Ballerina back view
Extra outfit
Doreena’s extra outfit is a taffeta dress and panties with rayon socks and oilcloth shoes.
Booklet 1
Booklet 2
Booklet 3
Booklet 4
Doreena Ballerina ad
Scan from Art National Manufacturers 1957 catalog