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Highland Lassie, a Pedigree Authentic Tartan Dressed Doll

Highland Lassie, a Pedigree Authentic Tartan Dressed Doll

Highland Lassie is an Authentic Tartan Dressed Doll made by Pedigree. She is 13 3/4″ tall (35 cm) and has a soft vinyl head and arms, and rigid vinyl torso and legs. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She has short blonde rooted hair, blue sleep eyes with somewhat stiff lashes, and painted lashes below each eye. She is marked MADE IN ENGLAND on the back of her head. She was likely made in the 1960s.

Pedigree Highland Lassie doll

This doll was made in several different sizes. A boy doll, called Highland Laddie, was also made. He has molded hair.

This Highland Lassie wears a kilt and sash in Royal Stewart tartan. Her outfit is actually more of a traditional costume for men rather than women. In addition to the wool kilt (with pin) and sash, she wears a black felt jacket with decorative top stitching and brass stud details; a belt with buckle; a white taffeta blouse with pleated lace ruffle at the neck and cuffs; a faux fur sporran on a metal chain; socks that match the kilt; black vinyl shoes with brass stud detail; and a black taffeta tam with red pom pom. The bagpipes she carries have a bag made of the tartan fabric. Underneath she wears plaid panties that don’t quite match the tartan. Highland Lassie’s outfit is not removable, and the jacket cuffs are sewn together to help her hold the bagpipes.

Pedigree Highland Lassie doll

The Highland Laddie dolls I have found online are dressed the same as Lassie, except that the style of the hat is different. I have also seen Highland Lassies with a red jacket instead of black. Most of the jackets I have seen are a simpler style than the one this doll wears.

Her original box is printed with a tartan plaid and has a label on one end identifying her.

Pedigree Highland Lassie sporran
Pedigree Highland Lassie back
Pedigree Highland Lassie bagpipes
Pedigree Highland Lassie box label